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South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2 YIFY [PORTABLE]

Amidst the streaming wars, the drought in South Park has significantly worsened. In court, Eric Cartman sues his mother Liane, forcing Stan Marsh, Tolkien Black, Butters Stotch and Kyle Broflovski to testify about how Cartman used the money they earned to pay for his breast implants; the case is ultimately dismissed. Elsewhere, Randy Marsh wakes up on a bench, surrounded by fearful onlookers. Police tranquilize Randy and transport him to the hospital, where Detective Harris explains that Randy went "full nuclear Karen". Meanwhile, Tolkien searches the late Robert Cussler's abandoned home for clues about his missing father, Steve. When he tells Cartman of Cussler's death, Cartman surmises that Tolkien is having sex with Liane, believing it to be why she is standing up to Cartman.

South Park the Streaming Wars Part 2 YIFY

When Steve sees a report about ManBearPig's environmental damage, he hikes up the mountains to see for himself. He approaches a dying real estate agent, who tells Steve that a large swath of land near the streams has been sold to a wealthy buyer. When Randy sails one of his boats downstream, it is sunk by Cussler Industries boats. Randy confronts Stan about Cussler's boats and demands that he end their deal. When they visit Cussler's house, they find that he was killed by ManBearPig, and Randy wonders if Stan is in danger. At Pi Pi's Splashtown, Steve tells Pi Pi that he will have to cancel the waterpark's streaming rights to provide water to his farm. Pi Pi refuses, revealing that he is collaborating with the water commissioner and ManBearPig. Steve realizes that Pi Pi purchased the land in the mountains when ManBearPig attacks, stabbing Steve and throwing him out a window down a water slide. Pi Pi later reveals to the water commissioner his plan to replace all of Denver's water with his park's urine-contaminated water. He betrays the commissioner and has ManBearPig attack him in a similar fashion to Steve.

Last we left the not-so-quiet mountain town, Randy was on his way to Karen status (more on that in the trailer below), as he was increasingly upset with Tolkien's family getting in on the legal marijuana business. This led to a "streaming wars" that's different than the battle of the best streaming services. Though that's exactly what the show was referring to when Kyle, Cartman and Butters argued over the poor quality of their little boats.

In Park County Courthouse, Stan Marsh, Tolkien Black, Butters Stotch, and Kyle Broflovski give testimonies about the role they played in the streaming wars. It is revealed that Cartman is attempting to sue his mother for not getting fake breasts, leading to the court case getting thrown out. Liane and Cartman then have a tense drive home; Cartman asks his mother again to get breast implants, to which she angrily says no.

Cartman and Butters stalk Tolkien from outside his house. Tolkien sees them and goes outside to confront them, and Cartman explains his suspicions of someone manipulating things to cause the streaming wars. He shows Tolkien a document, which back up his claims.

At Pi-Pi's Urineworld, Pi-Pi is filming his final commercial. The front gates are blocked, and customers are not being allowed in. Randy shows up as Karen, forcing his way in and demanding to speak to the manager. He interrupts Pi-Pi's commercial to yell at him, telling him to go back to his country. After Pi-Pi's attempts to get Randy to leave, Randy tells the crowd the truth of who had caused the streaming wars. Pi-Pi tries to deny this, summoning ManBearPig. However, Tolkien, Cartman, and Butters reveal Chuck Chuck and PigBearGirl to him, causing him to turn on Pi-Pi. 041b061a72


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