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Katlu Powder Recipes _VERIFIED_

Though we prefer porridge, nevertheless most of the Nutreat recipes are multi-purpose flours, where you can make your own cakes, pancakes, strudels, roti's etc. Here are few ideas that you can get inspired.

katlu powder recipes

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Foodism is a one-stop, uniquely immersive food community. Find and share recipes, meet like-minded, food-passionate people, build a professional network in the food industry and create your mark on the restaurant, home kitchen, FMCG/F&B Startup circuit etc of India.

hey so many recipes at a time. I dont find Gundh here. will search in grocery store. my mom too says it is good for health. I used to have it when I visit some punjabi friends. oh its yummy. this recipe taht too step by step looks really nice. will book mark.

good recipe.can this be made with sugar ?also can this be made with khoya instead of evoprated milk and milk powder.can you please provide gundh pak recipe with sugar and khoya please.Thanks

i tried this recipe in two different variation:the first one i replaced the milk powder with milk and it came out very soft, since i liked my paks soft all i have to do is pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and i get it piping hot. also it tasted like chocolatethe second variation i omitted the desicated coconut and used dry raisins instead. it also came out wellAND I USED MILLET FLOUR WITH BOTH RECIPES!! aint nothing possible if u dont experiment with food. i must say i invented the millet flour goondh pak

Hi my wife is pregnant and she is very weak. She is not eating properly and she is not able work. She rests whole day. Am preparing everything for her but still she rejects to eat saying not able to eat. Please suggest me with some tasty recipes and nutritious too for a pregnant woman. Please upload some recipes specifically for a pregnant woman. Thanks

hI Madhu I am due in Dec 2011 as well. my email address is I am from the south of India , write to me to keep in touch, I will share some tips and recipes that I have been advised by my aunts to have while nursing.

Manjula didi, I came across this website when I was looking for Indian recipes to increase breast milk and also nutritious food after delivery. I am due to deliver in Dec2011 and I am so much looking forward for your panjeera. Thank you so much for compiling this list. I am book marking your page and will be returning soon to find out more about post pregnancy. Any suggestions would surely help new moms like me. Love Madhu

Hi Bhargavi My name is lata. I was reading Manjulabens wen and came across your email me and my friens has prepared a book of recipes for new mother the indian way. if you are in London and if you would like this book you can contact me on my email.

Hi Manjula aunty Congratulations for your website.You truly deserve to be given an award for the perfection in your presentation & the tiny yet extremely important details in a recipe.i may have browsed over hundreds of websites & read sooooo many cookbooks but yours is a 1 stop place.All your recipes taste very good a thing which even top chefs cant boast of.Its a pleasure & a source of great satisfaction to follow your recipes.It helps me to progress as a cook as a homemaker everytime.With you around I dont miss mom & relatives to help with recipes & cooking facts.You r a gem.We love you.Thankyou so very much for your service.

Hi Manjula ji, Happy New Year. Thank you for the list, it will surely help the new moms. Well you have mentioned ginger powder, please also mention the quantity and the method how it should be taken because I know that it is actually hot for the body and so should not be taken in large quantity. This would also help. Thank you.

My lactation cookie recipe is based on a traditional oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, the base ingredients include: Butter, brown sugar, egg, vanilla, rolled oats, flour, baking powder and dark chocolate chips.

If this recipe doesn't suit you then there are a few other oaty baking recipes on my website that may well work. They are all easy to make and you could always add a little of the brewer's yeast to these recipes.

The different sections in this category are for the various stages of your pregnancy keeping in mind your special nutritional requirements for each trimester starting from first trimester to second trimester and finally the third trimester right till the time of lactation. As you travel through each of the 3 trimesters, some women experience certain discomforts like morning sickness, edema, acidity etc. Read ahead in the sections here to find ways and recipes to ease these situations too.

From breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to snacks, salads and desserts recipes we have it all. Moreover, we have various sections of recipes that are rich in specific nutrients required in increased amounts during pregnancy like Protein, Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid etc.

It is recommended to consume about 6-7 servings of cereals per day for first trimester Indian pregnancy recipes. Cereals provide you the necessary energy which is required in increased amounts during pregnancy. They also provide fibre which will keep constipation at bay.

It is necessary to shed those extra kilos that a woman gains during pregnancy. However, one should not start a weight loss program immediately after pregnancy. Since the baby is breastfeeding, you cannot compromise on your food intake by cutting down on your diet, nor can you immediately start off on rigorous exercise. The weight loss regimen must begin in a slow and phased manner. Once you start you can enjoy weight loss recipes like

The increase in protein content due to incorporation of DGCF was 5.5% to 21.9% (Table 1). The biscuits made with 30% level of incorporation had protein content more than the prescribed for high protein biscuits i.e. 12% (ISI 1986). Similar observations were reported in defatted soy fortified biscuits (Gandhi et al. 2001). High ash content of DGCF products as compared to their respective control might be due to high mineral content of DGCF (Tate et al. 1990) and of laddoo (control) might be due to inclusion of dessicated coconut powder. The carbohydrate content of DGCF products was lower than control counterparts and the addition of groundnut flour to wheat flour might have decreased the total carbohydrate levels while increasing protein content. Similar observations were reported in defatted groundnut grits incorporated dambu (a steamed, granulated dumpling product) (Agu et al. 2009) and linseed meal fortified chapatis (Sahu et al. 2009).

Hi SandhyaI tried out your recipe today and it came out very well. The katli was perfect texture and taste wise. I just increased the amount of powdered sugar a bit as you had suggested. Thank you so much for such a wonderful recipe.

This looks absolutely amazing! I would never have thought to soak the almonds to get the texture smoother but it looks like it works great! I love the idea of using powdered sugar so the texture doesn't have the grainy texture of fudge when I make it. Can't wait to try this and start drooling over that saffron!

I am Sandhya Ramakrishnan, author, recipe developer and photographer in this journey! 'My Cooking Journey' is all about family friendly Vegetarian and Vegan recipes from around the World with focus on Indian cuisine.


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