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Densha De Go Final Pc

There are several titles in the surprisingly popular Densha de Go franchise, which is a set of Japanese train simulators, and for any fans of things like A-Train and Railroad Tycoon, they make for an entertaining time. This one is the final entry in the series and adds in some nice new features to make it worth a look, whether you're a veteran or just curious about the genre. As with previous titles, this one focuses on the act of driving the train itself, rather than business management, so it's a chance to live your childhood dreams. The additions here include several new lines to try out, and which take you to Tokyo and Osaka, while the inclusion of bonus points for flawless driving gives it more of an arcade feel (which is unsurprising, given its roots at Taito). Racking up points allows you to unlock new trains and background material, like slide shows and videos, which are a nice addition for hardcore train fans. If you want to find out what it's like being a conductor, you can also choose this new mode, which requires you to call out stations and open and close doors, all while sticking to your schedule. Although it doesn't sound like much fun, this is actually quite an entertaining experience. The arcade nature of the game means it's surprisingly addictive and has that same one-more-go feeling as the best of the classics. It rattles along at a fair old pace and has some nice visuals, while the gameplay gets quite compelling and the temptation to get more points is hard to resist. It might not be for everyone, but give it a whirl and you might just enjoy the ride.

Densha De Go Final Pc

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Hi, i have downloaded densha de go! final. And as i was almost finished opening it with daemon tools there was an error, and then i thought okay try again, but all the sudden my computer is 5 times slower then ever! it takes 20 min. now to open daemon tools. I have downloaded many of your games they are very great :-D but this one i dont understand. Help i what to play that game sooo bad.cheers from Denmark

Hi, finally i find all the PC games of DDG, you are a master! I want to ask you something, could you please fix the links of the game and the others that are down, if you can upload all the games on MEGA it would be great! I hope that this get fixed soon! :-)


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