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Asher Cooper
Asher Cooper

Dr. Hook-Storms Never Last Mp3

You followed me down so many roads, babeI picked wild flowers and sung you soft sad songsAnd every road we took lord knows our search was for the truthAnd the clouds brewin' now won't be the last

Dr. Hook-Storms Never Last Mp3

She looks around the pristine condo that she cleaned just two days before. The sofa still smells like new upholstery. The sun shines through the blinds and illuminates not even one speck of dust. She has never imagined she could feel this utterly alone.

She stares at the back of his head, annoyed. Their son has been at the hospital with William, five, since last night. Megan, their daughter-in-law, is upstairs asleep with the baby, recovering from a C-section. Without exactly agreeing to it, but understanding that she was the natural choice, Sue has found herself running the entire damn ship, and she feels incredibly unsettled by the responsibility.


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