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OK, we've got some great answers coming in. looks like over half of you have voted already. Valerie, if we can pull up the pull responses. ... So we'll note on here so far it looks like very few of you have voted for lack of industry knowledge or lack of technical solutions. So that means most of you think that we have knowledge out there amongst our peers and we also have the technical solutions to get us there. What we're lacking is financial incentives, policy regulation, and the lack of demand or understanding. So that one's really interesting and compared to the industry knowledge of maybe who needs to have that demand and understanding. So feel free to share more in the chat. But with that I'm gonna hand things off to Marc LaFrance. Marc, please take it away.

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Travis English:I really think that we -- I think that we really need to have a whole lot better understanding of the -- this is just off the cuff. One of the things that I find to be really problematic is that we are extremely good at estimating the first cost of buildings, right? We can estimate the first cost of building plus minus one percent, if there's a one percent variance in that then the project funders can come back and raise havoc, and we'll get it back to a one percent variance in the initial cost. Energy, I've shown you, is very different, right? That's more like a 30 percent margin of error repair and maintenance and replacement costs and end of life cost is almost a complete black hole. I have never written a successful business case that has to do with equipment life or failure rates or annual repair and maintenance costs. Really is just a total black box. And I think that's part of the overall -- that's part of this overall life of buildings and that goes for envelope systems. And I think that really is just a -- there's a black hole that we need to start filling in some information from. 041b061a72


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